The Importance Of Using Portals In Your Credit Repair Company

Using portals for your Credit Repair Company can give you huge advantages over your competition. It can help you attract more customers and affiliates, save you precious time, and give your company the uttermost professional look. Not only is using a portal important for your overall business but it can be used as a major selling point for your customers and those who want to refer customers your way.

Imagine that a portal is a physical building. Inside that building is important information that is pertinent to your customers and affiliates. They can come inside 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to look at this information. The best part about this process is that you wont actually have to be present to open the door to this building, because every customer will be given a personal key to enter.

Advantages Of Working With a Portal:

One of the most powerful features of this online portal is that it allows you to automate a lot of your work. When you are managing and supporting clients and affiliates that brings reasonable cost to your business. While providing support for your clients is extremely important, you don’t want to spend all of your time doing that, since it ultimately will result in an expense for your company. So making sure that you are working with a portal is one of the first things you should consider when looking for a credit repair software.

Besides saving time, this is a feature that any and all clients love to have. Think about it, they are paying your company to help them resolve an issue pertaining to their credit. Perhaps they want to qualify for a home or car loan and need the kind of service that you are offering. Wouldn’t it provide piece of mind to your customers to know that they have an access to a system that they can log into anytime of the day or night, but also a system which gives them the latest news on what is going on with their dispute? So not only does this benefit the company over all but it provides a paying customer the piece of mind that the work that they are paying for is actually getting done, and they can see the progress of it everyday.

Not only is this kind of portal for a credit repair software essential for your business and for your clients, but lets not forget about your affiliates too. If you have affiliates, or are planning on getting affiliates, they are going to like the fact that they can check up on their commissions through this portal. Through this portal they will be able to submit their referrals directly to you.

Features To Look For When Searching For A Portal To Work With:

There are literally dozens of features and benefits that we can speak about when it comes to searching for the right portal that fits your company. Down below we are going to mention 3 features to look for when working with a portal

- The ability to maintain a history of the disputes and not just the most recent ones. This is extremely important for various reasons. Lets say that you submitted a dispute on behalf of your client. Under the status tab in the portal, it would say “in progress” and that is it. That will let the client know that the dispute is in progress and that no outcome has been reached as of yet. Sometimes a resolution to the disputes take a few weeks to even a few months, when that happens you will want to submit another dispute of some kind. When this happens, the status tab will still say “in progress”. If your client were to log into their portal and after a few months see that it still says, “in progress” they might think that nothing is being done on their behalf. So when looking for a portal make sure that it maintains a history of all the disputes submitted. So that way, if you were to submit 3-4 different disputes to the same creditor, the status will still say, “in progress”, but it will have the history of all the disputes submitted, thus preventing misunderstanding from your clients.

- The portal must be hosted in YOUR OWN domain as opposed to the vendor’s, so your business doesn’t depend on the live of the vendor. Lets say that one day the vendor goes out of business or for some reason the business disintegrates. Well if you were hosting your portal on this vendor’s domain/web site then you are at great risk of losing everything pertaining to your portal. Choosing a portal that has your own domain means that you are in full control of the way that your business grows.

- The ability to post updates automatically to your portal. This allows for your Affiliates and Clients to get real time updates on their accounts. Not only is this feature great for them but it is very beneficial for you as the business owner. This kind of automation will relieve you of many hours of having to update the system manually.

- Another important factor is the cost. The cost should be nothing, free, zip, nada at all. It should be absolutely free of charge. There are many companies that charge thousands for the privilege of using their portals. The portals should be offered as part of the credit repair software that you purchase without their being a separate charge for it.

As you can already see, portals are a must have in your credit repair company, but more importantly is having one that can benefit you and also your affiliates and clients. Choosing a good Credit Repair Software with a good online portals (affiliate and client) can not only save you hours and hours of time but also will have the capability to increase your revenue.

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