Credit Repair Software+Integrated Marketing System=Booming Credit Repair Business

One of the main tasks of a Credit Repair Company is the ability to attract fresh new leads and prospects, and later converting those into paying customers. There is no reason why your Credit Repair Software shouldn’t have the capability to market your company. If you are going to spend money on such a software then it might as well have marketing features that your credit repair business should benefit from. But not just any kind of marketing features, but top of the line features that will catapult your business to the next level.

Top 6 Marketing Features That A Credit Repair Software Should Have

1) Ability To Interact With Social Media Web Sites: This goes without saying, but people communicate now and days through social media web sites. Just Facebook alone accounts for most of the traffic that is going on over the internet, as it is the # 2 most visited site on the internet. Another popular social media web site along with Facebook is Twitter. Wouldn’t it be smart to get your product out in front of that massive volume of traffic? The Credit Repair Software that you are working with should have the ability to interact with your social media audience. For example, it should have a tool called, “twitter spinner.” This tool will allow you to upload prewritten tweets, or post, and then will automatically update your statues during the specified time frame that you selected. So for starters, if you wrote 20 tweets you can tell the system to post a new one every hour or every few hours. That way you are getting your word out about your company but you are also doing it with the help of your Credit Repair Software.

2) Ability To Extract Leads: This is a very unique feature, one that not many Credit Repair Software have. So make sure that the one you are working with has this unique lead extractor. Basically what a lead extractor will do is extract leads over the internet for you. So for instance, you type into the system the criteria that you are looking for; realtors, in California with an e-mail address and phone number. Once you select what you are searching for, this system will search all over the internet and “extract” all the leads that match the criteria that you submitted. You are then able to contact them because their information is right in front of you.

3) Ability To Submit Articles To Article Directories: Writing articles to get the word out about your company is one of the simplest forms of gaining traffic to your site. There are literally hundreds of article directories that you can submit your articles to. When using a Credit Repair Software that has this distinct feature, you would be able to submit your articles from the software directly into the article directories. This will not only save you time and ultimately money, but will also allow you to spread your company message on different avenues.

4) The Ability To Analyze Your Competitors keywords: placing the proper keywords in the articles that you write on your web site is key to acquiring massive amounts of free traffic through the search engines. When working with this keyword analyzer, you will be able to “analyze” the web site of your competitors and be able to see which keywords they are using. All of this is done within a matter of seconds. You will then have all the keywords that this competitor is using to get their traffic. With this little tool you are able to pretty much pull back the curtains of their web site and see what methods they are using to acquire leads and traffic.

5) The Ability To Conduct Surveys: This feature to conduct surveys directly from your Credit Repair Software is as powerful as any other. This is one of the best ways to know what your customers, prospects, and affiliates are thinking about your product and how you can improve them. Having this tool in your tool box will give you the ability to better tailor your business towards your customer’s needs.

6) An Integrated Auto-responder: lets say that you have a person request more information about the kind of credit repair service that you offer. They request this through either a phone call or through an on line form. Once you are done giving them their quote or the information that they requested, you will be able to send them follow up e-mails through this auto-responder. These follow up messages will be able to deliver value to your prospect and will be done automatically once their e-mail is entered into the system. You can set this auto-responder to send these e-mails every 2 days, every 5 days, or basically whenever you want. This feature is totally up to you.

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